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Legal Trials and Execution

We specialize in the execution of foreign court decisions or judgments within Germany. If you have claims against firms or citizens in Germany please contact us before using courts outside of the European Community.

In most cases it makes no sense using a foreign court because it’s impossible to execute foreign decisions or judgments without a bilateral contract or treaty provision, as it pertains to the particular judgment between Germany and the country in question.

Call us to find out the best way to proceed in your situation without unnecessary or wasted expense.

Please note: Documents required by any German court must be first translated into German and certified to be an accurate (in meaning and representation) translation by a notary or the German consulate. In many cases the time you have to act is limited by statute. Don’t let your rights expire by not acting in time.

How To Choose A Good Lawyer

Locating a competent attorney to handle your particular case is about as crucial as finding the right doctor for yourself or a family member. An unacceptable doctor can be deadly; so too an incompetent or inexperienced attorney can kill your chances for success in Court. Investing some time to determine the attorney’s qualifications may very well save you unnecessary disappointment.